We’re business owners ourselves so we know how hard it can be to think about developing your business. And yet we also know how important it is.

That’s why we launched the Ripe Business Club in 2012: so that we can bring the successful, the entrepreneurial, and those who want to develop their business together to think strategically about their business and learn from others in a similar position.

The Ripe Business Club is a forum for business owners like you to share ideas, best practice and develop strategy through practical exercises. We want to help you to  move your business forward in a stimulating environment. And it’s also a great opportunity for you to make some new connections.

Past meetings have covered subjects such as:

  • Profit improvement
  • Beating your competitors
  • Online marketing and leadership

Meetings include:

  • Informal networking with light refreshments
  • Round Table Discussions with other business owners
  • Workshops around Business best practice designed to help you develop your business strategy
  • A maximum of 15 attendees to ensure everyone has the chance to be heard, ask questions and get the most out of the meeting

If you want to find out more about Ripe Business Club or find out when the next event is being held just get in touch here